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Guide for state Reserves.

Investors Guide caters to get the basic information on the reservations and other specific features. It is the simplest way to find the details before log into the various types of investment projects on lands.

The aim of publishing geo-spatial information in web format is to fast track searching lands free of restrictions for better management of lands. The quick and easy access of the information on state owned reservations is provided specially for the use of administrative decision makers, investors and developers etc.,

All information included in the web application based on the data provided by respective institutions/departments who are legally responsible for maintaining reservations.

This site allows users to search location based on following criteria.

    • Search location visually based on the map. The base map can be switch on to different base map layers such as road map, topographic map, satellite image base for easy identification of geographic locations.

    • Search location by uploading known GPS location. If user is aware of the position of the land in the form of ‘kml’ file that obtained through GPS or any other means, user can upload kml file to view it on map.

    • Input names of the location to find it on the map. User can input the name of the location or the street name in order to search it on the map.

Additionally, the zoning plans available for the areas where development plans prepared and gazette under the UDA act, are also included in the web App as it provide clues for the decision makers and the general public for their day to day activities.

The UDA Zones Display here are only guide to know the permissible uses of the location of interest and it is compulsorily to refer the regulations described in the development plan of the relevant area prior to submit an application to local authority and UDA for obtaining development permits. It is advice to re-verify the permissible uses of the land parcels located at the edge of the zones from the UDA prior to initiative approving process.

Existence of the Cadaster Maps prepared under Bimsaviya programme are also of great use for many administrative purposes.

Contact details of the responsible officers are given for further clarifications.

PLEASE NOTE that the information display are not intended to be used as an authoritative public record for any geographic location or as a legal document and have no legal force or effect.

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